Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Inside My Kitchen Continued

boxes over fridge
lower left cabinet
my kit

lower right cabinet, under sink

The boxes over the fridge hold a ton; starting from the back left: archive paperwork; misc household things not bing used in this apt (couple of lamp shades, large hooks, felt snowflakes); paint kit; household utilities: vacuum bags, light bulbs, extension cords, etc.

The lower left cabinet is mostly my kit, tools, and cat stuff. Under the sink is my miele vacuum, my shredder, and an old dish rack now holding cleaning supplies. Go here for more details.

While I have room under my desk for the shredder, I simply don't want to look at it everyday. It's a shredder with basket so I took off the top and placed it in the basket. I put paper in the basket and when it gets full (about every 2 months or so) I pull it out and shred everything all at once. Since I don't have a ton to shred it's a perfect solution.

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Gina S said...

My home is small and well organized, but these posts make me want to go throw things away. Thanks for what you do, it is really fun to read and get inspired.