Monday, September 12, 2011

Off-Season Storage Solutions

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My favorite kind of clothing storage is zippered canvas bags. Easy to use, can usually squeeze into any space, and are breathable. Clothes take up less space when packed away, but for those pieces you'd rather keep hanging, use a garment bag which you probably already have (I find most people do), if you don't, here's a good one.

Individual and larger bags
I like the individual ones to keep delicate pieces visible all year round. The larger ones are perfect for multiple items with easy view access.

Under bed sizes and cubes $30 - $52 each
I love these zippered bags. It's almost like they're starched since they have a little structure to

Under bed and cubes $24.99
Handles and label window on the front makes getting them up and down easy.

- Measure to see which bags will work best in your space.
- Clean everything before putting away, even if you've only worn it once or twice. Clothes moths and pests are attracted to what you leave behind (skin cells, hair, animal fur, oils, food) over the actual material.
- Group 1 (or 2) type(s) per bag; dresses, shorts, tops, etc.
- If you're planning a vacation during the winter, back a 'resort' bag.

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