Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Meaning of Wardrobe: Continued

(bangles by giles + brother, snake bracelet subconscious leathers)
(dkny blouse)

A lot of questions have been coming up on The Meaning of Wardrobe post so I wanted to do a follow up.

I've written a bit on this topic, but to clarify, I mostly write about creating my wardrobe, with the exception of the step by step series 'Building a Wardrobe' which is general advice and is a very good read if you're starting from scratch.

Not a big fan of throwaway fashion, but I understand why others do it. I treat my $25 tops the same as the $300 ones because it's hard to find things I love so it's all the same once it's in my closet. I don't follow trends too closely and actually try to avoid things that are too popular unless I really love it. For instance, I'm not planning on getting any kind of oxford or lace-up flats but I did get a gorgeous cape a few years ago I look forward to wearing again this season.

Take what applies to you and your lifestyle. There are many ways to do things, including how to build your wardrobe. Readers have posted their approach in the comments of the original post so be sure to check them out, and share any tips of your own if you like!


Shirls said...

I really love your blog. I've been doing some major decluttering and organizing after 30 years of accumulating because I now have time (just retired). Those pictures make me drool with envy and are so inspiring. Thanks Laura - you're on the top of my RSS feed.

laura said...

thanks so much shirls! :O)

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and really love all the advice and ideas you give regarding wardrobe planning. I'm constantly trying to perfect my wardrobe to actually have one instead of a bunch of one offs. I can't tell you how much money has gone down the drain the past two years from only buying wardrobe orphans and not building blocks. My main problem is that I'm obsessed with acquiring but lazy about putting an outfit together. If I combine a new piece with my current pieces and don't find an immediate match, I usually end up selling it or donating it within a 2 month period. I'm not into only owning things that are black and white for the sake of easy outfit planning. I do like having some colors but that does make filling holes a bit more difficult. I currently have 75 pieces of clothing including shoes and find myself still not wearing everything. Hope I'll be able to fine tune my current wardrobe to a totally functional and effortless wardrobe one day! Thanks for this post for the reminder. - wendy

laura said...


that's the key; it takes time + energy to do it right. just like everything else, a nice wardrobe or home is no exception. i'm glad you found the blog and are getting something out of it.

keep at it and you'll get it soon enough!! :O)