Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Note About Packing

While packing I found out how filthy the apartment really was. Not only because of the BQE outside but my landlord was doing construction on the floor above me before I left and didn't think to plastic off the area, and even though I have those plastic strips along the bottom of my door (which I put in the first week I lived there), that contractor dust was everywhere!! 

Not wanting any of that dirt coming into my new place, I washed just about everything I owned; all my dishes, decorative pieces, furniture, and almost all my clothes which are mostly hand wash and dry clean only. But considering the changing season, I would have have a lot of cleaned anyway (but not this much, I should have gotten a security deposit from her, not the other way around!). So before the move I took my coats, clothes, and the silk curtains to the cleaners which helped lighted my moving day by about 5 large shopping bags. 

But even for those who don't live in an obviously dirty place, just living somewhere for a while, you don't realize how dirty you things can get from just sitting there, especially things that aren't being moved around a lot like curtains. I remember I did the same thing when I moved the first time from the place I lived for almost eight years.

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