Friday, May 29, 2009

Favorite Things From Ikea

industrial style shelving with an unbelievable price of $14.99 each! why not use these shallow shelves in the back or side of a closet for easy extra storage, or line up multiples in a living or dining room as simple chic bookcases.

comes in two sizes, use as a hamper, to hold blankets, magazines, towels, toilet paper...
UPDATE: this has been discontinued :O(

comes in small and large, use them in clothes closet to hold belts, in coat closet to hold totes, umbrellas, scarves, or in an entry to hold jackets.

there is a fold down hook (not shown) and the above valet hook perfect for anywhere in the house.


nancy said...

thanks for the great hook leads

Anonymous said...

I've had my eye on these shelves for use as book storage in the living room. The price is sure right! I'm just wondering about the quality. I can imagine them being rickety and unstable... How are they once assembled?

laura said...

it's recommended the shelves be secured to the wall for extra stability. I have them freestanding now with some pretty heavy things on them and they seem ok, although i will eventually attach to the wall.