Friday, May 15, 2009

The Move.... Planning Stages

This floor plan is what I've been thinking all along with some minor adjustments. Many people make the mistake of trying to plan the whole thing at once, which is really hard, so they stress about it. I like to work organically; making the easy decisions first by letting the space tell me what to do, and leaving anything not obvious to the end. For instance, my litter box doesn't fit in this bathroom so I don't know where it's going to go, but instead of harping on it I am planning out other things and eventually I will figure it out.

Since there are new pieces I would like to get; dining table and chairs, sofa, lounge chair, desk chair, window treatments... I want to make sure I am extra careful on how much I spend doing everything, including the little things (which really add up). To do this I am reusing as much as possible and selling off the rest. Here are some things that aren't working for this space:

  • Malm Bedframe: doesn't fit indent of back wall
  • White Elfa Ventilated Shelving: don't like with new closet plan and is too narrow for coat closet
  • Metal Frame Cork Board (plus another matching frame): am making new cork board which I'll talk about later...
  • Dixon Mirror Ball Light: while I LOVE it, I'd rather sell and use the money towards new sofa
  • Long Art Piece: I've had for about eight years, didn't fit in other space and would like to pass it along to someone who will really appreciate it...


CGdesigngirl said...

I'm surprised you didn't put the bed in the alcove, but I am sure you tried. For a tiny sofa, try Home Court furniture on Court Street. Same furniture as A&G in Williamsburg ( but half the price.
And it's a local store :)

laura said...

yes, the bed in the alcove would have been the obvious choice but i will address my reasoning in the next post :)