Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Want This But...

I LOVE the first dining table from cb2 because it reminds me of one of my favorite tables by Jean Prouve (2nd pictured). The problem is it's 48" in diameter and I can really only fit 36", so I'm going to make my own table. Not exactly like these (I don't think I'm that good), but definitely want to use a glass top to keep it from looking too heavy in the space.

I may go shopping for possible bases this weekend and will let you know as soon as I find something I like. 


sparklerawk said...

Hooray for table making! I'm doing the same thing, but with a much simpler idea. My problem is that the space I have for a table is very very limited, but I don't want to forgo having one all together. So I bought a piece of veneered plywood that's small enough (24x24") that I'm going put some veneer edging on, stain the whole thing with a dark walnut stain and then attach IKEA Vika Inge legs.

Now all I need is time to do it. :)

laura said...

sparklerawk: love the ikea legs. i made the desk at my first:

and last place:

i just painted raw wood, i've never stained anything. I should try it someday.

the thing about finding time to do these things is to tell yourself that once you do it, it's done!

laura said...

ugh, the links didn't come through. if you like, you can find apt tours of both my other apts on the press page of my webpage under Apartment Therapy.

Peggy said...

Hi Laura! I like your blog! I'll be adding it to my blog roll. Duly impressed that you're going to make the table yourself. Can't wait to see it. Also looking forward to seeing the headboard!