Saturday, May 30, 2009

My LEAST Favorite Organizing Tools

This shelving system is relatively inexpensive, fairly easy to install, and adjustable to most spaces, BUT my problem is the powder coating; it attracts a lot of dirt which takes forever to clean, it's also slightly tacky (sticky) so hangers don't easily glide back and forth, and too many supports (two in the pic) limits the way you can hang so you can't just push things to the side when you need to. UGH!

Small and Large Tint Stacking Drawers
So many people have these... But not only do I think they're ugly, but the plastic attracts dust and dirt like crazy and at the cost of these things you can buy a small Malm dresser at Ikea or something, anything better!!!!

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grace said...

I completely agree with you about the plastic drawers, esp in white. I wish I had known about these dirt magnets before I got them years ago. I even scoured them with barkeeper's friend and still they look grimy!