Friday, May 29, 2009

Even More Favorite Things From The Container Store

their brand of clear plastic boxes are stackable and come in various sizes to be used all over the house. try under the kitchen sink to hold cleaning supplies and various household items like vacuum bags, light bulbs, batteries, extension cords; under the bathroom sink to hold extra toiletries; in clothes closet or under the bed for off-season clothes and shoes; in the coat closet to hold scarves, gloves, extra umbrellas...

they come in three sizes and are a beautiful accent for any closet; use in clothes closet for delicate pieces like special occasion shoes, bags, garments; in coat closet to hold scarves, gloves, hats.

a no-brainer to use in just about all lower cabinets in the kitchen. in various styles, sizes and price points, not to mention super easy to install, you're sure to find something that works for your space.

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Marie Lee Carter said...

Last night I ordered 2 of the bamboo stools from the Container Store (they open for storage) - I can't wait to get them - they will go in a nook right under one of the bedroom windows. The Container Store is a dangerous place - I have a rather long wishlist for some of the storage items.

Please keep these posts coming - they are extremely helpful!