Thursday, May 28, 2009

Favorite Things From The Container Store

While some of their things can be overpriced, here are a few things that I use over and over and absolutely love:

various sizes are not only perfect in drawers, but on open shelves and in cabinets (bathroom and kitchen) to hold toiletries, small bottles, even jewelry.

simple, elegant and they come in a few sizes so are perfect for anywhere in the house; entry way, bathrooms, dressing areas, kitchen...

perfect for making room in any cabinet in the bathroom or kitchen.

i personally love this style, but the container store has fabulous storage boxes in various colors, sizes, and price points.

in two sizes, I have one in my dressing area to hold things to air out, and to make an outfit. hung at a low level, they are perfect to hold bags and totes.

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scgal said...

I love these ideas!