Monday, June 22, 2009

The Big Bad Wolf

(photo by vicente wolf)

I added a ton of new links today and one in particular I wanted to share is my former boss Vicente Wolf's blog. The famed interior designer shares what he's learned from 30 years of design experience. But Vicente is not just an interior, furniture and textile designer, he's an author, fine art photographer, collector and world traveler. Seriously, the man can take the red eye in, run 6 miles in Central Park and go to the office without skipping a beat. He's a huge inspiration...


riye said...

That's disgusting. I bet he's interesting and has a good sense of humor too. (sigh) Funny, one of the first article's I ever saved from a shelter mag was a home he had designed.

laura said...

yeah, he's intense but in a laid back approachable way if that makes sense. and yes he is very funny and quite the popular speaker on the design circuit.

i wish there were many more like him!