Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Living Better With Less... Half Empty Paint Cans

The inevitable paint cans everyone has can be seriously annoying for us apartment dwellers who don't have a garage or basement. For those lucky few that have storage in their bldg I suggest keeping your paint there. For the rest of us....

A quick and cheap trip to the local hardware store for a few empty quart cans and voila! Neat, clean, they fit almost anywhere and can be easily labeled to your liking with tape, magic marker, pictures, wrapping paper, or even painted! They would also be great in multiples to hold office and craft supplies.

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CGdesigngirl said...

ha, I have those ugly paint cans.
I have seen on HGTV where they store left over paint in clear plastic(?) jars. Not only does it look better, you can see what color it is!