Monday, June 15, 2009

On A Personal Note...

During times like these where everyone is making cutbacks, we tend to forget that charities and non-profits are being hit just as hard. It's important for each of us to find something to give back to, either with our time or money. It's another example of 'Living Better With Less'; cutting out what isn't contributing positively to your life so you have room for the things that do.

For me, I am still contributing to RightRides. RightRides is a non-profit organization that provides women, transpeople and gender queer individuals free, late-night rides home to ensure their safe commute to or through high-risk areas. Started in 2004 by a good friend Oraia, who was so upset by hearing of assaults on women walking home in Williamsburg and Greenpoint Bklyn, that she and co-founder Consuelo took it upon themselves to use their own car to give women a free safe ride home. Even though this organization has received numerous accolades they depend on the support of people like you and me to keep them going, people who may not afford to give a large donation, but can contribute as little as $10/month to make the difference between them not only not having to cut services but to keep servicing the community and keeping our friends, family and neighbors safe.

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