Friday, June 19, 2009

Favorite Things From West Elm

Hanging Garment Bag
It's hard to find canvas garment bags with a clear plastic window. I've seen garment bags with one side plastic and one side canvas but these are much nicer looking. Use these to store off-season pieces that you don't want to fold, less often worn special occasion pieces, delicate pieces with beading, sequins, to keep them from touching anything else. I only wish they came in a gown length....

I've mentioned before I love their selection of bins and boxes to be used all over the house, not just the office. I especially love their Monroe series which are on sale at the moment. I just suggested to a client stacking two of the trunks with a tray on top for use as a side table (to store things she hardly ever uses). Use the open bins on a shelf or on the floor in the coat closet or entry to hold hats, gloves and scarves; in the office to hold reference catalogs and papers; on a shelf in the clothes closet to hold undergarments, beachwear, or tights. Use the boxes on top shelves in closets to hold off-season items.

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