Friday, June 19, 2009

Have You Ever...

Mixed nail polishes to make your own color? I generally wear clear polish or nothing at all on my fingernails but do like color for my toes. Now, you've all seen my wardrobe so you can imagine I prefer more nude subtle colors even for my polish. I really love Sandalwood with is a browny-peach color but they must have changed formulas because the last bottle I bought is much darker than usual. I tried Chanel's pink Ballerina which is is too light for my skin tone so I very carefully poured some of the Sandlewood into the Ballerina and I now have the perfect shade! It's hard to tell in the picture... Have you ever done that?

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sparklerawk said...

I used to do that ALL the time in high school! I've always been very particular about color and if I had a color in my head then I had to figure out how to get the shade exactly right, cause it was always almost impossible to find a bottle that was perfect.
I remember Chanel had a "make your own polish color contest" that they advertised in Seventeen magazine and I used to spend hours in the floor on my room mixing all my nail polishes, trying to find the most prize worthy color. Of course, I didn't win, hehe.